Welcome to the ATA Association website! If you would like to join the ATA Association, please send an email to the secretary at ataassoc.secretary@gmail.com and an application form will be sent. See below our aims and objectives - and do help us keep the magnificent ATA story alive! This website was updated on 26 February 2021

 Wikipedia and our Facebook page for more information!

Wednesday March 3rd at 7pm UK (2pm EST): "Aircraft of ATA - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly".  Robert Cooper looks at over 20 types liked or loathed by ATA pilots, ranging from single-engined fighters like the Spitfire and Hurricane to 4-engined bombers like the Lancaster and the Liberator.  This will be a fascinating lecture, especially for warbird enthusiasts.  AND you could win a 60 minute Spitfire Simulator Experience with his end-of-lecture aircraft identification quiz!   Tickets available now at https://maidenheadheritage.org.uk/shop

Eleanor Wadsworth died before Christmas at the age of 103. To mark her funeral yesterday, 12th January 2021, ITV had a piece - go to the link https://www.facebook.com/airtransportauxiliary

There will be an online lecture on 'The Life and Death of Amy Johnson' to be delivered by Jane Priston on Wednesday 10th February at 7pm.organised by The Maidenhead Heritage Centre, the home of ATA memorabilia. Tickets will be £15 with a £5 donation or £10 without a donation..

The Maidenhead Heritage Centre website https://atamuseum.org/ provides full online access to the ATA archive. Access is free-of-charge, but registration is required in order to view the archive in detail and users are encouraged to join as Friends of Maidenhead Heritage Trust.

The key features are:

* 11,000 documents and photos, scanned to very high standards

* Imaging tools to enable users to pan-and-zoom to areas of detail

* A personnel database that includes both air and ground crew

* Links to external resources e.g. RAF Museum, Royal Aeronautical Soc, Solent Aviation etc.

About ATA: The Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA), founded at the outbreak of World War II, was a civilian organisation which made an enormous contribution to the war effort by taking over from service pilots the task of ferrying RAF and Royal Naval warplanes between factories, maintenance units and front-line squadrons. During the war 1,245 men and women from 25 countries ferried over 309,000 aircraft of 147 different types, without radios, with no instrument flying instruction and at the mercy of the British weather. A remarkable story!

Aims & Objectives of the Air Transport Auxiliary Association (ATAA)

  • To keep alive the memory of all those who worked in ATA in WW2 and that their story is told accurately.
  • To assist journalists, and the media in general, in sourcing people and material.
  • To organise representation at the Annual Remembrance service held at the Cenotaph in Whitehall, London, UK and lay the ATA wreath.
  • To encourage attendance at evensong in St Paul’s Cathedral on Remembrance Sunday and a short memorial service in the crypt afterwards.
  • To encourage attendance at the Drumhead Service held in July each year at East Farm, Fovant.
  • To circulate details of events, meetings, lectures
  • To ensure all the memorials are kept in good condition.
  • To encourage families of ATAers to leave ATA memorabilia to the Maidenhead Heritage Centre (MHC) and be a link with MHC.
  • To produce an ATAA Newsletter from time-to-time with news about ATA veterans and the ATAA organisation.
  • To encourage membership to ATAA – whether relations of ATAers or those who are supporters.
  • To hold an Annual General Meeting in order to review the activities of the ATAA, consider and accept the accounts, elect officers and committee members and to hold committee meetings from time to time. (Traditionally in early September and the day before West London Aero Club holds its Members' Day).
Officers email
 Graham Rose: Chairman ataassoc.chairman@gmail.com
Christopher Wood-Kelly

Vice Chairman with special responsibility for overseas members

John Webster: Secretary ataassoc.secretary@gmail.com
Caroline Speirs: Treasurer ataassoc.treasurer@gmail.com

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